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General Description

The iSupertech Digital X-ray technique calculator includes techniques for 10 different X-ray systems. There are 163 exams, selection of patient size of small, medium, and large, giving over 18,000 techniques in the app.

You will find either a TT or B/G next to each body part. The TT stand for tabletop and means the image was taken without the use of a grid. The B/G stand for Bucky/Grid and means that a grid was used either with or without a Bucky.

Always pay attention to the SID column. We did not put in both 40" and 72" SID's for the same body part. Using the Direct Square Law (similar to the Inverse Square Law) a 72" SID will need 3.2 times more mAs than a 40" SID.

You will quickly notice that the kV is significantly higher than we previously used with film. Without the use of film/screen emulsion, the new optimum kV is 15-20 higher than what was previously used.

Patient Size
Male Size Weight
Small 120-160 pounds
Medium 160-200 pounds
Large 200-240 pounds
Female Size Weight
Small 110-150 pounds
Medium 150-190 pounds
Large 190-230 pounds

The only pediatric techniques provided are the newborn, infant, and child chest techniques. These three are categorized by weight, with the newborn being 2-9 lbs, infant 10-20 lbs, and child 25-35 lbs. As there is only one technique, we used the middle of the range for each. For example, the infant would be based on 15 lbs.

Almost every manufacturer uses a different Exposure Index (EI) number system. Because of this, we have created individual write-ups for each vendor. You can see each one by touching the lowercase "i" in the blue circle on the technique result screen near the top right. There you will be able to read about how that particular manufacturer set up their EI ranges and mathematical formulas it takes to figure out the perfect Target Exposure Index (E.I.) number.

The goal with each technique is to keep the mAs and dose as low as possible while achieving a quality image.

Key Features
  • 10 Systems
  • 163 exams
  • One-time purchase
  • Over 18,000 techniques - small/med/large patient selection
  • A portion of the data is published in Merrill's Atlas of Radiographic Positioning and Procedures
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